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Lotaotao specializes in custom manufacturing a large variety of wooden products, including but not limited to wooden wine boxes for wine packaging, wooden gift boxes, wooden packaging boxes used for a lot of industries, wooden cutting boards, wooden serving trays, wooden jewelry stands, wooden crates, wooden organizers, wooden bases, wooden photo frames, birch veneer boxes and many more. We work hard to provide high-quality wooden products at best possible wholesale prices to our valued customers.

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We know quality is the essence of surviving so that we are always improving our product quality in order that we can do better and more for our clients. We are strict with the quality from the raw material selection to the production process to the quality check and delivery. We make every effort to build our reputation as a reliable manufacturer based on our high quality and dependable service. In terms of business attitude, we treat every client as how we want ourselves to be treated. We are sincere, honest, reliable and responsible and do business on the basis of win-win.

We are proud of our profound product knowledge, good service, high quality and competitive prices. We supply the best cost-effective high-quality products to our clients in the hope of establishing long-term good business relationship. With high quality and competitive price, we help our clients to obtain larger market and loyal customers.

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Quality Control
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Before Production

Material? ONLY the Best!

Only whoever uses the best raw materials for his products can manufacture first-class wooden products. At Lotaotao, we are committed to producing quality products. Quality commences with the quality of materials. It’s important to select qualified materials before use, not after use.

During Production

Pay Attention to Details

Making a wooden product involves a lot of working procedures, such as sanding, cutting material, cutting 45 degree edge, making finger joints, gluing, installing hinges and latches, polishing and many more. We have strict quality requirements and inspection on each procedure to avoid possible issues. If issues are raised at any stage, we can immediately take some corrective actions and avoid delays.

pay attention to details
finished product inspection
After Production

Finished Products Inspection

The finished products will be inspected one by one to ensure that no defective products are shipped to our clients. Inspection at this stage allows any defects found to be reworked if possible or removed as rejected products.

Social Responsibility
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Sustainable Development

Wood from trees bring nature and beauty to our life. We are very grateful to the wood and the trees. So we care about the earth, the environmental protection and trees planting campaigns. We would love to build sustainable and environmentally-friendly business models. 

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Children's Well-being

We would love to bring beautiful products to the world. At the same time, we would also love to make our contribution to help improve the well-being of the children that are not living in good conditions. We hope that the disadvantaged children can enjoy a good childhood.

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We will contact you within 1 working day. Please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@lotaotaocrafts.com”